About Our Laboratory

Since our establishment in 1994, L.Dentec has continued to provide consistent high quality crown and bridge restorations to our clients.
The laboratory has continued to evolve, taking on board new innovation over the years, always striving to set new standards and further our expertise in the field. Today's dental patient is a most sophisticated consumer. Quality of workmanship is not enough, patients require the sort of natural aesthetics that can only be achieved with the latest technology, so we now have one of the most extensive high-tech product range.

These new materials and techniques not only provide unmatched aesthetics but superb strength characteristics and excellent fit as well. Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to help anticipate their requirements. Crown, bridge and implant is a large part of our laboratory, all L.Dentec work is produced and quality controlled under high magnification.

Our 3shape scanner and computer software enables us to design and produce all ceramic and metal work perfectly. Our team is on hand for all your aesthetic design.

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Product List
Precious Metal Alloy Bonded Crown
Precious Metal Alloy Bonded Crown with Metal Occlusion
Precious Metal Alloy Bonded Bridge per Unit
Bonded Bridge with Metal Occlusion
Resin Bonded Bridge per Unit
- Biomet 3i, Dentsply Ankylos, Astra-Tech, Nobel Biocare And Others.
Zirconia Custom Abutment
Custom Abutment
Porcelain Bonded Custom Abutment
Implant Bonded Crown
Implant Bonded Crown with Metal Occlusion
Implant Bonded Bridge
Implant Bonded Bridge with Metal Occlusion
Full Gold Implant Crown
Custom Implant Impression Tray
Implant Temporary per Unit
Implant Bite Block
Implant Models (Master)
Diagnostic Wax Up per Unit
Surgical Stent
Transfer Coping
Implant Location Jig
IPS e.Max Crown
IPS e.Max Veneer
IPS e.Max Inlay/Onlay
IPS e.Max Bridge per Unit
Alumina Crown
Zirconia Crown
Zirconia Bridge per Unit
Full or 3/4 Gold Crown
Gold Inlay
Gold Direct Inlay
Gold Post+Core
Gold Split Post+Core
Gold Occlusal Backing
Gold Bridge per Unit
Rest Seat or Rest
M.S. Attachment
Milled Gold Coping
Sinfony Inlay/Onlay
Sinfony Metal Crown
Sinfony Metal Bridge per Unit
Sinfony Metal Temporary per Unit
Micerium Inlay/Onlay
Micerium Crown
Micerium Veneer
Micerium Metal Bridge per Unit
Metal collar
Shade at Lab
Denar Articulation
Kavo Articulation
Custom Incisal Guidance Table
Occlusal Splint (Clear Acrylic)
Silensor (Anti-Snoring)
Bleach Tray per Unit
Occlusal Night Guard (Vacuum)
Mouth Guard
Study Model

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    Dr Greg Finn BDSc, MSc, Specialist Prosthodontist

    "I have worked together with Cuong Luong for the past 18 years. He produces restorations which are technically beautiful works of art."

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    Dr Robert Craig BDS, Chairman (IAAD), Implant Dentist

    "I have been using L.Dentec for over 10 years & I found their work to be consistently of a high quality, with accuracy in fit, contact points & occlusion. Their ability to colour match anterior crowns from photographs is outstanding & their HFO inlays just disappear! L.Dentec are a modern progressive lab with an eye for quality & attention to detail."

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    Dr Basil Mizrahi, London B.D.S M.Sc (Rand) M.Ed. Cert in Prosthodontics (USA)

    "Cuong is an excellent and talented technician who has done some lovely work for me over the years. He has helped me teach on my Hands-on dental course and is highly professional and accommodating and always willing to go that extra mile to deliver the goods."

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  • We want to take this opportunity to remind you of our terms and conditions where restoration credit or remakes are concerned. In turn, this should help with regards to your own case planning and ordering.
  • Please allow 10 working days for return of work
    • If a restoration is returned for either credit or exchange, it must be in its original form (within reason)
    • Aesthetic appearances; any alterations within a month are guaranteed.
    • Restorations returned for credit after three months will be subject to a 50% fee.
    • Restorations made after permission of customer's analyzed impression will not be refunded.
    • Any re-make due to re-preparations, will be fully charged.
    • L-Dentec is not responsible for any patients allergic reactions to materials used in restorations.
    • Any cancellation of cases while in process of construction will be charged on condition of progress.
  • We trust the above proves a helpful reference to you and your practice colleagues. We thank you for your continued business.